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Article: Chromotherapy and fashion: the benefits of colors to feel good inside and out!

Chromotherapy and fashion: the benefits of colors to feel good inside and out!

Without a doubt, 2020 started off a bit badly! But don't worry, just wear some colorful clothing to combat this year's "greyness"!

Did you know that colors can help us feel good? Having the right color items in our wardrobe and also in our lingerie drawers is very important because if we feel a little down, it might be enough to wear a touch of color to feel better!

Chromotherapy is an alternative medicine, used since ancient times to treat diseases, disorders and moods of various kinds.
It is a therapy implemented through colors, which are essential to regain serenity.
In chromotherapy there is a scale of seven colors: red, blue, yellow, orange, indigo, violet and green.
Each color is associated with a beneficial effect and a meaning. Since ancient times, a certain benefit has been associated with a color. This concept is still applied today.
The ancient Egyptians used the sun as an antidepressant, exposing themselves to the sun's rays, or they painted the environments in which the treatments took place with colors.

Chromotherapy in fashion and lingerie

Colors are able to act on our immune, nervous and metabolic systems. Choosing the right colors of our clothes but also of our underwear can improve our mood. This is why we often talk about chromotherapy in fashion.

Below is a list of colors and their benefits (studied by experts!)

The first color is that of passion, i.e. RED. This color helps increase energy on a psychological and physical level. It is used for chromotherapy and helps to increase blood pressure.

BLUE is a calming and relaxing color for the mind and body, because it leads to muscle relaxation. It is used for chromotherapy to stimulate concentration and reduces stress, helps solve problems related to insomnia and reduces blood pressure and slows the heartbeat. So wearing blue lingerie would help you sleep better and make it easier to sleep.

The color that transmits joy is YELLOW. It is a color that helps make you happier and gives an immediate feeling of well-being and good mood. According to chromotherapy it also offers a detox effect: it stimulates digestion and the elimination of toxins.

The color that reduces anxiety is GREEN (so the experts say!) It is the official color of hope, which helps to face life choices and particularly difficult periods. This chromotherapy color would be perfect for those who suffer from headaches, especially due to anxious symptoms.

The anti-pessimism color is ORANGE. It is an ideal color for those who are pessimistic and like the color yellow it is ideal for those who are facing a sad period. Elegant orange lingerie will help you regain joy and positivity.

The color to activate creativity is VIOLET and shades of PURPLE. This color serves to activate the imagination, it makes you think of beautiful memories of the past and dreams for the future. Wearing purple lingerie will surely stimulate your creative side.

The INDIGO color and its shades are an excellent tonic. This color in chromotherapy is used to purify and tone the blood. It also stimulates three senses, such as sight, hearing and smell. It helps to have greater reactivity to various stimuli and fight boredom.

Colorful lingerie 2020 collections

At this point let's take a look at the most fashionable and colorful lingerie collections of spring/summer 2020!

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