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Article: Bra cup: how to choose it

Bra cup: how to choose it

The first step to choosing the right bra is to calculate your bra cup size and the most suitable size.

Many women underestimate the importance of choosing the right cup because there is little information on this topic. What is the difference between bra cup size and size?

The size simply corresponds to the width of your bust, so it determines how long the bra band should be. While the bra cup corresponds to the actual size of the breasts. Choosing the right bra cup is very important so that it contains the breasts well in all its parts. If a cup is too large it won't fit your breasts well and creates gaps at the top. If the cup is small, it is narrow and crushing. But how to choose it without making mistakes?

What measurements to take to choose your bra cup

The measurement of the breast circumference is taken with a tape measure, passing it exactly over the nipple so as to have a perfect measurement. It is important to stay upright during the measurement and not hold your breath. To calculate the ideal size you need to use the same type of measuring tape, passing it over the rib cage at the precise height identified under the breast.

How to calculate your cup size

To calculate the most suitable cup for your breast, you need to follow this formula: breast circumference minus chest circumference. The number resulting from this operation must be compared to the cup table to find out which is the most suitable. But just keep in mind that every 5 cm difference between chest and breast you change your bra cup:

Result < 5 cm: cup A
Result 10 cm: B cup
Result 15 cm: C cup
Result 20 cm: D cup
Result 25 cm: E cup

If the number resulting from the division is not perfect, it will be sufficient to round up or down to the nearest unit.

You will also notice, if you are purchasing a US size bra, that the E cup is generally called DD, and the F cup is called DDD. While the subsequent sizes will be: G, H and so on at the brand's discretion (therefore: A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, G, H)

While in UK (and also Australian) sizes, DD is an "extra" size between D and E.

Pina Chiocchetti / Founder Oh La Bra