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Article: Adhena: beachwear and tailored lingerie

Adhena: beachwear and tailored lingerie

Adhena is a beachwear and lingerie brand founded by a young designer, Debora, who also specializes in pattern making and tailoring.

Debora, Founder Adhena

Adhena was born as a brand specializing in beachwear. Adhena's costumes are inspired by the colors of Thailand's forests, its white beaches, the turquoise sea and the orange sunsets of Sairee beach.

The costumes pay great attention to fit and cut, with the aim of enhancing the lines and the female figure. Debora has in fact personally studied each model, making the study of wearability her mission, without neglecting the quality of the materials. But above all without forgetting to reveal his passion for tailoring and handmade. The costumes are 100% made in Italy and handmade.

Debora personally designs the collections, which are then expertly handcrafted by Neapolitan artisans.

Debora talks about herself like this: "I have always been passionate about fashion but I have never been a fashion victim!

I grew up among the fabrics and noises of the family upholstery machines, where my passion for production, both sartorial and industrial, was born.

In fact, I have always been fascinated by all the various shapes that a fabric can take and I have always enjoyed playing and discovering them all. I think I will never get tired of challenging myself to design the perfect paper pattern!

For several years I have been working in fashion as a pattern maker and designer for some brands, including some bikini brands.

And just starting to work on designing the fit of some swimsuits, I realized that perhaps I had never felt comfortable in a bikini. Maybe because I had never worn one that had the right fit.

So I tried to produce some tops by studying a fit that would also emphasize a small breast and I designed briefs that were capable of slimming the figure.

This is how Adhena was born, from the awareness that often it is not the body that is wrong, but only the garment we are wearing. With this idea firmly planted in my head, I therefore decided to create a line of swimsuits that made wearability, comfort and sustainability its mission.

In fact, each Adhena garment is made only with high quality Italian fabrics and packaged in a sartorial manner from the cut to the final stitching. Thus being able to boast sartorial production!"

Adhena lingerie: La Petite Robe Noire

In December 2023 Debora achieved another small milestone by also including a lingerie capsule in her collection, called La Petite Robe Noire , which reflects Adhena's ideals.

The name of the capsule is inspired by Coco Chanel, who created the famous little black dress, precisely the petite robe noire, with the intention of creating a dress that was comfortable, adapted to every woman's body, and above all was wearable in every occasion.

Adhena's lingerie capsule has the same mission, to have a perfect fit, enhance the shape and be sensual.

Debora says: "we wanted to design a versatile, comfortable and practical and above all sexy line, which makes whoever wears it feel at ease and leaves whoever looks at it breathless! You can't not have it!"

I had the pleasure of meeting Debora and seeing her eyes shine when she told me about her young brand.

I immediately recognize the dreamers, the smart, ambitious women who want to create beautiful products for other women. To make them feel beautiful and at ease.

Debora hopes to be able to make her Adhena, her costumes, her lingerie enter the hearts of women and also hopes to design a sports line in the future.

I hope that all this comes true and I wish you the best of luck!

Pina Chiocchetti / Founder OH LA BRA